Ondra takes over the world

Most of you will probably be aware of the 21 year old currently taking the men’s rock climbing world by storm. About three weeks ago Adam Ondra from Czech was in Munich winning the bouldering world championships. Yesterday, he placed first in the lead climbing world championships making him a double world cup holder (ifsc-climbing.org). Impressive.

Ondra isn’t new to the climbing scene, frankly if you’ve been climbing any length of time you would have heard his name. He started climbing at the age of six when both his parents introduced him to the sport and very quickly started climbing routes that many of us would find challenging. As an example in 2006 Ondra climbed a 5.14d. I can only climb a 5.10 (I’m working on it, I promise). This man is like a climbing god.

What makes Ondra unique? Well firstly if you read any of the typical training books out there you’ll find them consistently referring to the best climbers as sitting in the shorter than average bracket. Ondra bucking this trend is rumoured to be 6″1in tall. A giant in the world of climbing.

Secondly, he seems to get on with his sporting rivals. Take his accent of “La Dura Dura” a route that could possibly be the world’s hardest with Chris Sharma. If you were lucky enough to see this through the Reel Rock 7 film you would have noticed that they got on. In fact they looked like buddies. Both strived to do their best Adam Ondra took the route first.

But I think the nicest thing about Adam Ondra (other than his ‘interests’ being snowboarding) is that he comes across as a real person. This is true of many rock climbers in the world, but Adam is one of the best, maybe even the words best and for that fame not to have gone to his head, in my opinion is a pretty big deal.

Check out the Reel Rock 7, La Dura Dura climb on YouTube here – Get your climb on

For more information on Adam Ondra visit his unofficial page here.


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