Climb Coach- Review of the iPhone app


PLEASE NOTE- I am not a personal trainer or in any way qualified. None of the below constitutes any type of advice on your training program. If you have any questions it is best to consult your doctor, not me, a normal person who writes about climbing because she loves it! 

Climb Coach is a new discovery for me. I’m always looking at ways to improve my climbing and sometimes its hard to know where to start, particularly when you are just beginning. Developed by Adrian Baxter (was official trainer to the British army!) and Steve McClure (Steve McClure has been competing at a national and international level for a number of years now and his route, Overshadow, is still the hardest set in the UK) two sweet climbers, basically this app is made by climbers, for climbers.

Once I had my head straight about how to move around the app I was fully hooked. You can select workout depending on four different categories- Discipline, equipment, fitness and goal. I usually work within the Discipline section mainly because I’m either climbing with people or alone and I want to centre my workouts around this.

The workouts are great. Each of them has a video you can watch (what a voice!) along with a written description of the exercise. Each one can be geared towards your climbing level (it’s tough- I’m still working on the beginner targets) and with a range that you can work through to keep the mix up good. I like that they give you a recommendation of how often you should carry any of the particular exercises out and tips showing how not to get hurt- lets face it we all have that over-enthusastic friend that has to take a month off due to an injury. Workouts are automatically saved to your calendar allowing you to track your work along with how far you made it through.

I think the bit I like the most is that wall ticks section. More so because it automatically synced to my gym. Ok, so now I have to input routes into the system, but for a minimal amount of effort I can track all my climbs… Pretty good in my view, no more climbing note book.

The down side? I guess I expected it to be more intuitive than it was. Something that comes from over using these ‘too smart for their own good’ phones. I anticipating a program similar to the Nike Training Club app, where you can select individual workouts, but also put together a program to follow to help you achieve your goals- say over the course of 4 weeks with regularly scheduled breaks. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t have that. In my opinion a minor downside in an otherwise fantastic app.

What to read more about Climb Coach? Go to the website here

Wanna get it? click here. Coming soon to android…

Happy climbing!


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