Women’s Climbing Symposium 2014

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Its not often that I want to go back to the UK. Not because I don’t like it, but more for the fact that I’m in a travelling part of my life. I do, however, want to go back to the UK, more precisely to Glasgow in Scotland, on the 27th September. The reason? The Women’s Climbing Symposium 2014 event.

Billed as having a mission “to create a welcoming environment to women from every background and all abilities, and share best practice in climbing techniques and training methods.”, It seems to me to be the women’s climbing event of the year. I’m extremely envious of anyone who has the opportunity to attend this event. You only have to watch the highlights from last year to see why I would want to attend this event.

For only £60 you get full access to the day which includes all of the talks and two of the four training sessions. Eight different coaches have worked together to create sessions that are designed to be a benefit to all levels. The training and motivation coaching will help you identify your climbing goals something I’m very keen to do. After all, I can’t just keep hoping that ‘getting better’ can remain my goal. There is a brain training session that will help you to keep yourself together while you go for those big moves with set bouldering problems to test everyone’s ability. A confidence on the wall session that is designed to help you push those boundaries rather than hang comfortable or, in my case, spend my time grabbing the holds for the grade below my ability to get me past a crux on a bad day. But the fourth one looks like it could be my favourite. Titled ‘Game Time’ it is a session on how to make your climbing more fun by incorporating games into your training… I love games, I love climbing, how could this get better?

Hazel Findlay headlines this year talking about her passion to climb and her adventures among other things and with other guest speakers including Helen Denton, Jessica Tang and Claire Youdale covering most of my climbing concerns I feel like this day could be a teaching session more than anything.

So I guess the thing to ask is does anyone what to buy me a return ticket from Australia to London…?

To visit the website and find out more click here. 


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