Training Beta- my new source of training knowledge

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I’m finally back into the land of the living following my fleeting trip to Canada for a much needed week of rock climbing, hiking and catching up with friends. Guess what though? Been back in the climbing gym twice now and what have I noticed? My level has dropped a couple of grades… Disappointment can’t describe how I feel.

So last night I’m chatting away with my climbing partner. “What you need,” he said to me, “is a training program to get you back on track.” Good advice.

I spent the rest of my evening digging out my (well-used) copy of Training for Rock Climbing, googling the Rock Climbing’s Training Manual (click here for a review from those ladies over at Crux Crush- it’s going to be a future purchase) and discovering a gem of a website in the form of Training Beta.

Training Beta was started by a lady called Neely Quinn who has cleverly created a resource to pool together nutrition and training tips from top professionals in one brilliant website. The blog and Facebook page alone are great sources of information on how to improve your over all ability. I highly recommend a visit. I’m just about to start their three week bouldering strength and power training program- so lets see how I go. One thing is for sure…. I can’t get worse!

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