5 Last minute gift ideas for that climber in your life

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

A Christmas Tree!

As usual I’ve left my Christmas shopping to the last minute meaning I’m scouring the web to find presents in a last ditched attempt to spread joy and happiness into the world… Here are my top five gift ideas…

1. The hangboard that gets harder as you get better- being relatively new to climbing a hangboard is top of my Christmas wish list and it seems many of my friend’s too. Placed in most training programs required equipment section it can be hard to choose one that will be relevant when you are newer to climbing and still be useful later down the line. There is however a solution, made by Bäm! in a sustainable hardwood this board is billed as ‘…the only hang board capable of adjustment to edge and pocket depth (3.5 – 0.5 cm) and board angle 0 – 30 degrees.’ Priced from $149 if you want to find out more, click here.

2. The indestructible bag- Ok, so if you don’t already own one of these bags you should. Made by The North Face and basically the best travel bag I’ve ever encountered these things are nearly indestructible (I’m yet to destroy one, but I’ll never say never), designed for travel- acting as a backpack and a carryall- and waterproof. Word of warning though, I left mine in my car on a hot day with well-used climbing shoes locked inside, it was not pleasant when I opened it later that night! From only $100 these really are a bargain in my opinion- Click here to check them out.

3. The charge your gadgets everywhere device- Spent any long period of time outdoors you’ll have experienced going to your bag to find your phone out of power, camera, speakers or any other electronic device you can think of. Even more worrying if it’s your GPS locator, but don’t panic, Brunton are to the rescue with the Heavy Metal 5500- Battery and USB charger. This impressive charger has a built in USB and mini-USB charger cables and a lithium polymer battery. Priced at around $89, you can look at shopping options by clicking the link above.

4. The straw that turns lake water into drinking water- I’ve only recently discovered this and personally I think it could revolutionize your trips into the great outdoors and more importantly increase your chances of survival. LifeStraw® is a straw that filers out bacteria and protozoa from the water turning it into clean drinking water and it works for up to 1,000 litres. That’s a lot of days you can survive without finding a mall to buy bottled water from. Priced from around $35 for the straw you can take a look here for more information and to find stockists near you.

5. The at your desk training device- I love my Metolius Grip Saver Plus. Trying to fit in training around a desk job can be tough. With this handy (get it-sorry!) device everyone can strength train while working at the office and help prevent those finger injuries that can take you out for months. A nice affordable option priced  somewhere around $18- click on the link above to find out more.

So, just in case you wanted to get me something 😉


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