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Why did no one tell me about this before?

Hi, I’m Nikki and I’m still shocked that it took until I was 30 years old to discover rock climbing. I’m currently on a discovery path to becoming a ‘real’ climber.

Rewind two years and you would see I come from London where I lived a life of partying, hanging out in bars and working. Fun, but not when the hangovers begin to take their toll and one night’s drinking resulted in three days of suffering and lets not talk about working 5.30am until 8pm most days, in the hectic London residential property market, that left me feeling as though my only route to sanity was escape. A route I opted for. A holiday in the ‘bush’ in beautiful British Columbia resulted in a visa application and eventually flights being booked- a year in countryside heaven had started!

My year in Canada changed me. No longer did I believe that shopping and hanging out in the latest ‘cool’ places was the only things you could do with your life. I hiked, skied, gazed at stars and more importantly rock climbed. Before my visa ran out, and I had no choice but to depart that fair land, I managed to climb a grand total of four times… Not the most, but enough to have me fighting for more.

So from London to Canada and Canada to Australia I go… A month into my life here (July 2014) and i’ve joined a climbing gym, bought my first pair of shoes, own a new harness and started this blog. A place where you can learn about climbing, get product reviews, be excited about projects and more importantly contribute to the wider climbing community.

If you are interested in guest blogging, have some pictures that you would like to see published or just fancy a chat then you can reach me at nicolaticolaclimbs@mail.com.